Bishop Joseph Hargo

Prophet Hargo

Prophet Hargo

Prophet Joseph B. Hargo, Sr., known affectionately to man as “Prophet”, was born and raised in the cultural city of Columbus, Ohio. He was educated in the public school system. Later he attended Dunbar Institute in West Virginia, The Columbus Bible College, New Life College and Edmonton Seminary in Canada. Prophet Hargo holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Master of Theology, and a Doctorate of Divinity from Edmonton.

During the summer months, while only a student in high school, young Joseph Hargo had become sought-out as a Boy Song-Leader and Evangelist. He took well to the Sawdust Trail (in tent crusades and the revival center circuit). Reports were that miracles happened whenever he conducted a prayer line.

As a student in college, Prophet Hargo pastored two (2) churches simultaneously: The Church of the Nazarene in Charleston, West Virginia and the Church of the Nazarene in Rand, West Virginia.

He has to his credit an extensive ministry into Canada’s North Country, ministering in the midst of the Cree and Ojibwa Indians. There he established many churches, conducting tent revivals and auditorium crusades. To this day, the natives of Canada’s North Country talk about an African-American who comes speaking and singing Cree better than the Cree. Many have written sworn Testimonies of Miracles that were worked when Prophet Hargo prayed over the deaf, lame, and even the blind.


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