Prophetess Christina Glenn

Prophetess Glenn

Prophetess Glenn

Prophetess Christina Glenn is an up coming new voice to the kingdom of God. It is evident that the power of God is using this woman of God in this millennium. Lives are being empowered by the cutting edge approach to the word of God she presents in her presentation. She is known to be a straightforward preacher and won’t hold back whatever God releases in her to say. In many services God prophetically speaks to her in an amazing accurate way by calling out names, dates and events in the lives of many of the attendees. God has especially anointed her to operate in the gifts of healing, prophecy, laying on of hands, teaching and preaching. In her many revivals and crusades people come back with an abundance of praise reports of bodies being healed, debts being cancelled and souls being saved. She is a much sought after speaker nationally and abroad. She has been in several major national magazines and publications.

Prophetess Glenn comes from a line of Pastors and ministers. She is a third generation female evangelist. She is the daughter of Pastor Charles and Evangelist Janet Glenn. Her best friend is her anointed brother who is known as Mr. Charles Glenn, who travels with her in ministry as her musician and is also a music producer. She is a strong advocate of education as she holds her B.S. degree in psychology from H.P University.

Prophetess Glenn is a woman of prayer and lives a Holy and consecrated life unto God. She is fulfilling the clarion call of God on her life to be a fresh and anointed voice in this day and hour.


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