Prophetess Kay Winston

Prophetess Winston

Prophetess Winston

Prophetess Kay Sandra Winston is a native Houstonian and is married to Apostle John R. Winston Jr., Senior Pastor of: Spirit and Life Church of Deliverance, 5026 Langley Rd., Houston, Texas 77016, 713-631-9300, with whom she Co-Pastors and is the Founder. She is an anointed and submissive wife, a mother and grandmother. Prophetess Winston serves as advisor over the Women’s Department, Singles’ Ministry, and the Young Women for Christ Department at Spirit and Life Church of Deliverance. She is also the founder of the Daughters of Sarah, where women are learning their purpose in their homes as wives, mothers and ladies in the Kingdom of God. Her life reflects that of an anointed virtuous woman. Her submissive spirit to her husband exemplifies the characteristics of a sanctified wife, in which brings honor and glory not only to God, but also to her husband as they co-labor in the ministry. The Holy Ghost uses Prophetess Winston prophetically, as well as in the gift of healing and the gift of miracles. She has a very unique preaching anointing and an empowerment to set the captives free.



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