Prophetess Marcia Morrison

Prophetess Morrison

Prophetess Morrison

Prophetess Marcia Morrison is president founder of the multi-faceted Morrison Ministries, wherein she functions in Christendom as an author, conference and motivational speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, consultant and strategist, Bible instructor, and psalmist.  Prophetess Morrison has over 35 years experience serving the Christian community through preaching and teaching both nationally and internationally for the perfecting of the saints, the work of the ministry, and the edifying of the Body of Christ.  (Eph. 4:12) 


She is the producer of a weekly radio program broadcasting Fridays out of New Jersey entitled “Power Shift” on 97.5 FM Elite Radio (www.myeliteradio,com) with a listenership of 3 million. Prophetess develops books, training materials, and other media to assist in providing sound teaching and guidance for the 21st century church and is the author of the book entitled “Leprosy In The Church”, a message of enlightenment on the condition of today’s church that swept the country.  She has recently authored her third book entitled “COMPASS!  The Roadmap to Success for Ministerial Leaders” which serves as a handbook and guide for those serving in ministry, providing proactive principles for “right ministry” for the 21st century ministerial leader. Prophetess is the initiator and instructor of Discipleship Classes, a traveling school that has landed in various cities around the country, designed to assist in personal, spiritual and business development of the believer. She also conducts Morning Manna Sunday morning teaching sessions periodically around the country.


Prophetess Morrison has appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and Rejoice in the Word with Bishop Greg Davis and her preaching ministry has been aired on the Word Network and Daystar Television Network, speaking to audiences of up to 80 million viewers.  She has also ministered at conferences with nearly 40,000 attendees, specifically for key leaders within Christendom, including Bishop John Francis (Ruach Ministries, London, UK), Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Bishop David Evans (Bethany Baptist Church, NJ), Bishop Charles Ellis (Greater Grace Church, Detroit, MI), Bishop Donald Hilliard (NJ), Bishop George Searight, etc.  Additionally, Prophetess Morrison has ministered co-itinerate with other women and men of God such as Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop John Francis, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Rev. Jackie McCoullough, Pastor Sheryl Brady, Pastor Paula White, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Bishop David Evans, Bishop Liston Page, Co-Pastor Darlene Bishop, Dr. Cindy Trimm, and others.


The ministry of Prophetess Morrison spans a global reach weekly as she leads millions in prayer over the radio airwaves each Thursday in a Noonday Prevailing Prayer Encounter at the invitation of Bishop Victor T. Curry’s Stellar Award winning WMBM 1490 radio station.  This prayer is accessible globally via the Internet and has resulted in miracles in the lives of the people of God around the country, if not the world.  Prophetess Morrison strongly believes in leveraging the power and reach of the media to impact lives efficiently for the sake of the 21st century Kingdom.


Over the years, Prophetess has operated and served in multiple facets of kingdom building in the Christian sector, including establishing and serving as principle instructor of a Bible institute, serving on ministers’ and elders’ boards; developing and instructing class curriculums and course design; establishing and/or heading women’s, prison, hospital, and intercessory prayer ministries; serving on strategic planning boards; speaking and volunteering at orphanages, senior citizens homes, and inspirational street revivals; and serving as Bible study and Sunday school instructor.


Not only is Prophetess Morrison a gifted orator, strategist, consultant, and entrepreneur, but she formerly has served Christendom as a singer-songwriter and has participated both nationally and internationally in projects as a songwriter, studio lead and background vocalist, and live recording projects. 


The woman of God has a compassionate love for people and endeavors to bring fresh illumination to the deeper business, financial and Biblical truths that point the way to better life in the Spirit and here on earth and that make the person of our Lord Jesus authentic by exposing Him in a way that facilitates real manifestation in our everyday lives.  She is often sought out by pastors and leaders for spiritual and business advice. It is her earnest desire to see the power of the Spirit operative with real spiritually based business results for all who will embrace and implement.  To this end, she is the founder of IMPACT OmniGroup, LLC which is a unique and divinely inspired source of business, financial and entrepreneurial guidance wherein she leverages her dual Wharton MBA degrees, professional credentials, and years of experience within Christendom and across other sectors to provide business and economic guidance that leads to profitability, productivity, and tangible results that increase the rate of entrepreneurial success. 


IMPACT also strategically operates to connect viable business projects with the opportunity to gain start-up funding capital ($25K – $20 million).



Prophetess Morrison walks under the guidance and tutelage of her father Suffragan Bishop Lawrence E. Brown, Sr. of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), 12th Episcopal (Midwestern) District in St. Louis, MO and hails from a lineage of six generations of pastors and bishops.



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